Are you aware of the various types of dentists to help you maintain good dental health?

Whenever people hear the term dentistry, they recall their family dentists or dental clinics, where they usually visit for teeth cleaning and regular dental checkup. However, the profession of dentistry is much more than only experts associated with a family dental clinic. The dentistry profession is not only limited to consulting one category of dentists. There are several different types of dentists. With the help of this article, you will get details on various types of dentists operating in different areas.

General Dentists

General dentists are responsible for a regular dental checkup of their patients. They mainly provide preventative oral care, which consists of regular teeth cleaning, dental X-rays and teaching their patients about proper oral care at home. Other than this-

  • General provides restorative oral care, such as tooth decay by simply substituting it with the help of artificial dental fillings, prepare cracked, chipped or missing teeth and provide teeth whitening services.
  • General dental professionals provide treatment to oral problems caused due to gum diseases and varieties of root problems beneath the gum line, while guide patients in mouth guards, braces and false teeth treatments.


Periodontists diagnose, treat and prevent varieties of gum problems. These include the treatment solutions related to extreme inflammation or pain of gums, diagnose as well as treatment of gum problems at the extreme or periodontal diseases, dental implants installation and cosmetic gum-based skin grafting treatments. In simple words, periodontists are special types of dentists, which cure and deal with their patients’ gum problems.


Orthodontists are also special dentists responsible for the installation of dental braces. However, their treatment solutions and care go beyond dental braces. In most of the cases, orthodontists fix jawbones, misaligned teeth and varieties of supporting facial structures to meet functional and cosmetic purposes. In other words, orthodontists improve the bite of their patients by providing them with custom oral hardware, such as retainers, dental braces, clear teeth alignment trays, facemasks, mouth-guard and headgear to deal with a wide range of development problems.


The inner part of one’s tooth i.e. pulp remains covered with the hard enamel of the respective tooth in combination with an inner dentin layer and remains located beneath the tooth’s gum line. The pulp is soft and consists of sensitive living tissue. Endodontists types of dentists thus focus on the good condition of this living tissue i.e. the pulp.

Any tooth pulp may suffer damage, becomes inflamed or rotten due to an injury, trauma or decay, because of which it requires removal or proper treatment. When endodontists treat and preserve the pulp, the respective tooth remains alive in the patient’s mouth. On the other side, the dentist performs root canal treatment when he/she fails to preserve the pulp.

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