Experienced entist ensure patients leave their place with a beautiful smile

Experienced dentist ensure patients leave their place with a beautiful smile

Do you dread your dentist visits? Your Dental health is very important as it impacts your entire digestive system and it has an impact on your confidence too. A beautiful set of 32 teeth can make or mar your beautiful smile.

Today dentists offer smile makeovers in the most customized manner. Apart from that, he is the one that can make your smile perfect in every possible way.

Whether your teeth have color issues, shape issues or more, your dentist can make you leave with a beautiful smile.

Let us understand how a dentist can help your teeth cosmetically and health wise.

Tooth Color
Have you ever undergone silver fillings in teeth to cover up the cavity? Not only do these pieces of silver tarnish but they make the teeth turn yellow too.  A dentist will inspect your teeth and smile to select the right degree of whitening it requires.

Teeth Alignment
Crooked teeth, overlapping teeth or the gaps between the teeth can impact your confidence greatly. A dentist visit can improve these misalignments by either making a tooth replacement, implant bridges or add partial dentures.

Chipped and cracked teeth can be fixed cosmetically. The shape of the teeth is also re-contoured to make the smile look perfect.

Tooth Length
Are your teeth too short and make your smile look gummy? Dentists work to re-contour your teeth length. A professional dentist offers treatment for shorter teeth that uses porcelain veneers to get rid of the gummy smile.

Laser dentistry is used to make your teeth look longer that will add a slimming effect to your face too.

Proportions of teeth
We often see that people have improper width and length ratio of teeth. A dentist can fix this ratio on the frontal teeth so that your smile looks more pleasing. It will be completely on dentists experience on to how precisely he does it.

Teeth Bridges
A replacement of teeth implants, bridges also work well to fill the place of missing teeth. In between the two crowns, false teeth are attached.

Although these are a temporary solution as compared to the implants, bridges are a good option if the surrounding teeth have fillings. It will be up to your dentist to decide whether you should go for implant or bridge.

Teeth Veneers
Dental veneers are a very popular method to fix small gaps or cracks. These are applied as a thin restoration on the teeth. It also helps to fix crooked teeth. Porcelain veneers are used by dentists to fit on the teeth. Resin veneers are used by the dentist to fix up things right in the mouth.

Teeth veneers are used for teeth whitening, changing the shape of teeth or fixing crooked teeth. The selection of the veneer material depends on the tooth conditions that a professional dentist can assess.

Tips for your Dental check up
Regular dental visits are vital for your dental health. You must make a dental visit every quarter to ensure your smile stays as good as it is.
·         The regular dental checkups need to be general teeth health checkup or cleaning.
·         Make sure the dental checkups offered by your dental professional makes an in-depth tooth checkup.
·         Make sure you visit the dental professional for teeth cleaning who is certified to carry out the task. If you visit and non-professional, you may risk your dental health.

A beautiful smile is made of strong and healthy teeth and only a professional help can help you maintain that as the teeth health goes down with increasing age.


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