General or Cosmetic Dentistry Which one is The Best for Your Dental Health?

A large chunk of adults report that they are highly concerned about the looks and appearance of their denture. For some it is misaligned teeth while for some it is poor bite. Irrespective of the problem most of us look forward to dental appointments for fixing these problems. However, the biggest confusion is about whether one should to go cosmetic dentistry or a general dentistry. Both these fields deal with varied aspects of oral health. So, to take a better decision you must learn the major differences between the two. Here are some pointers that may help you decide:

  • Price: Though it shouldn’t be a major concern when it comes to good health but it is important to see cosmetic dentists might costs you a bit differently as compared to general dentists. It is more like the difference between that of a general physician and a specialist or surgeon. With respect to dentistry, it is to be noted that dental insurances cover the usual dental expenses, most cosmetic dentistry aren’t covered by these policies. So, make sure you are properly loaded in this respect. Make sure you pay close attention to all details while signing the policy.
  • Qualifications: It is also crucial that every dental professional is qualified with necessary degrees before they take a peek into your oral cavity. There are some specific academic requirements that a cosmetic dentist needs to meet. Every country has different names for courses and degrees meant for such purposes. Even for becoming a general dentist one must be a graduate in dentistry. Almost all general dentist will refer you to some cosmetic dentist if it needs to be.
  • Appearance: As the name explains, cosmetic dentistry is most focused on aesthetics of your teeth. For instance, if you are worried about crooked teeth or overbite, then it is a cosmetic surgeon that will be help you. They will also take care of issues like dental bridges and implants, their side effects, procedures, and all other aspects related to these. Even if you need dental veneers, you will need to visit a cosmetic dental surgeon.
  • Hygiene: This field belongs to the general dentists, they know how to deal and resolve all matters related to oral hygiene. Most general dental visits take place twice a year or once in six months to ensure good oral hygiene and adoption of healthy habits. Along with, general dentists also rectify the issues leading to extreme pain, oral diseases, and irritation. Normal functions like pulling teeth, filling up cavities, and carrying out regular examinations also fall in lap of general dentists.

Once you get a hang of these basic differences you would understand and able to decide who you need to visit. There are many who still ask if both cosmetic and general dentist will be able to carry out teeth exams and cleanings? Yes they can, because the basic training for such fundamental tasks is given to all dental students, they choose their specializations much later.


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