Wisdom teeth

Did you know that the average mouth can comfortably accommodate only 28 teeth? By the age of 18, most adults will develop a total of 32 teeth – an additional four molars known as wisdom teeth. When these teeth don’t have room to grow, they can come in sideways or even remain trapped beneath the gum, leading to pain and infection. With an oral exam and x-rays, we can evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and advise whether extraction is necessary. Using state of the art technology and the safest sedation protocols including IV sedation, we’re dedicated to maximizing patient comfort.

At our initial assessment appointment, we will obtain a panoramic x-ray that properly indicates the position of the wisdom teeth and vital structures such as Maxillary sinuses and nerves. If the wisdom teeth are indicated for removal, we would schedule you an appointment and provide you with detailed pre-op and post-op instructions.

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